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provisional sums & Nominated sub-Contracting

63 provisional sums & Nominated sub-Contracting

63.1 Provisional sums means a sum included in the Contract & so designated in the bils of Quantities for the execution of any Part of the works or for the supply of goods. Materials, Plant or Services, Which Sum may be used in whole or in part or not at all, on the instructions of the Engineer.

63.2 For each Provisional Sum, the Engineer may instruct:
(a). Work to be executed (including Plant Materials or Service to be Supplied) by the contractor and value under clause to; and

(b). Plant, Materials or services to be purchased by the contractor, form a nominated sub contractor as define under subclau 63.4 other wise.

63.3 If executed by the contractor, the total sum paid to the contractor shall include only such amounts for the work, supplied or services to which the provisional sum relates, as the Engineer shall have instructed.

63.4 In the contract "Nominated sub contractor" means;
(a). Who is stated in contract as being nominated subcontractor:

(b). Whom the Engineer instructs the contractor under clause 39, to employ as a subcontractor.

63.5 The contractor shall not be under. any obligation to employ a nominated sub-contractor against whom the contractor raises reasonable objection by notice to the Engineer as soon as Practicable, with supporting particulars.

63.6 If the works is executed by a nominated sub contractor. The contractor shall pay to the nominated sub contractor the amount which the Engineer certifies to be due in accord with the contractor.

63.7 The contractor will be entitled to a payment of an amount of 8% of the amount certified by the Engineer as payment due to nominated Subcontract as attendance fees.

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